About Us

Our Purpose & Values

Simla US is a for-profit textile recycling company with a vision to unite every quality garment with a second owner. Not satisfied with just averting the 13 million tons of used textiles sent yearly to landfills, Simla US would like to find a new owner and purpose for every usable garment.

To extend the goodness even further, Simla US has as well teamed up with Kids Kicking Cancer, sending a portion of the proceeds to this worthy charity every year.

  • Donate your gently used clothing.
  • Environmentally friendly!
  • 5 million pounds of donated clothing.
  • Give your clothes a second chance!
  • Very convenient.

Currently recovered clothing is being recycled in one of three ways;

Higher Quality:
The higher quality clothing is being sold to companies that provide them at significantly reduced cost to those who cannot afford to purchase new.
Not Usable:
Clothing that is no longer useable is sold for industrial use such as to car washes and as rags for cleaning heavy machinery.
All Others:
All other clothing is used as seat stuffing in the auto industry and as carpet padding.

Our Vision

We aim to refurbish the collected clothing and offer them for sale at our own resale shops. Our shops are to be a resale venue that will encourage people of all types to shop second hand. They will as well offer crafting classes that will empower even those unable to afford first-hand clothing, to dress their very best.

Do you have unwanted clothing?